Time Travel

The Way We Used to Go

by Becky Cheang

"Have organ will travel." That's good enough for us. Photo: Patricia D. Duncan for U.S. National Archives / Flickr Commons

We're so used to hopping on a plane and emerging half a day later on the other side of the globe that it's easy to forget it wasn't always thus. Way, way, way back in the day, at the turn of the last century, traveling was more dangerous, less comfortable, and much slower.

Lighter-than-air dirigibles, overcrowded steamboats, rickety tramways: It was a trial-and-error age of transportation innovations. And how magical, new, and exciting it must have been. The pioneers who first saw what was on the other side of that big mountain had an experience we'll never have. Until, of course, we start zooming to Mars.

Here's a chronological salute to a century of travel, with extra nostalgia for the early days.


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