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Swing States Slog: A Cross-Country Pub Crawl

by Team Gentedimontagna

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As the presidential nominees built their path to victory, it became clear that the people needed to build their path to a stiff drink. It's been a rough election cycle, to say the least, and these swing states have seen more than their share of name-calling and voter-pandering. It's now over, and the red states have been sorted from the blue ones. Now all that's left to do is celebrate or drown your sorrows. Here's a handy guide to the best bars in the swing states.


At Denver's , you can order The Prize Fighter if you're feeling celebratory. If you're undecided until the last minute, try your luck with a Figure It Out. Those who voted for the runner-up should head to  in Denver. Independent Ticket? Your bar is Boulder's .


Drown your sorrows in the divey  in Miami. Or sweat out your anxiety on the dance floor while slinging beer. Or and sop up the excitement with a fish sandwich.


 in Des Moines claims that it's the only 1970s nautical-themed Mexican BBQ restaurant you'll ever come across. With the biggest selection of American microbrews. Talk about a melting pot! If the election doesn't go your way, hide out at on the second floor of The Royal Mile (also in Des Moines), and think about secession while drinking beer from Flanders. 


You gambled big. Now party down at the local watering holes in downtown Vegas.  for the one percent.  for the other 99.  for the Green Card holders.

New Hampshire

Go hard or go home at sustainable bar and restaurant in Bethlehem. Searching for meaning? Get thee to  in Epping, and heavenly spirits will provide salvation. If you haven't eaten in days, it's off to , , and in Portsmouth.

North Carolina

Get out the vote and go to in Durham. Beer advocates lobby for the dependable and divey  in Charlotte.


Gather, all ye independent thinkers and imported beer drinkers, at  in Columbus.


A strong drink is the order of the day at  in Philly, where effective enforcement of prohibition is impossible. The people's pub is in Philadelphia, while  in Pittsburgh lets you express yourself through the jukebox.


It's going to be a long night. Fill up at in Roanoke. Or remember simpler times at throwback bar  in Alexandria. 


They say Wisconsin is king at in Madison. You'll be at the heart of America at the centenarian in Milwaukee, where there are bras, bros, beers, and bowling on some of the oldest lanes in the country.


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