In the Magazines: January 2012

by Berit Baugher

A new year means new trips and new discoveries. The possibilities are endless.

On the cover
: The includes top hotels, resorts, and cruise lines, such as Ireland's , Italy's , and London's .

- A Day in Downtown: An itinerary for the English countryside inspired by the Emmy award-winning TV series .

- : Lee Aitken shamelessly eats her way through the internal city while compiling a — from a to a at the edge of the Borghese Gardens.

- : With a plethora of new epicurean options to enjoy, nobody's going hungry this winter.

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On the cover: The lists top hotels around the world as picked by readers. Favorites include West Virginia's The Greenbrier and Hawaii's Four Seasons Resort Hualalai.

- : welcomes the new and improved to the 21st century. redesign includes updates such as and a swan lake that uses recycled water.

 - : A dozen destinations to check-out in the new year, including culturally buzzing and the newly peaceful .

- : Food critic recounts her journey to Italy in search of the best pizza city: Rome vs. Naples. We wont spoil the surprise, but take note — it was a very close competition.

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We covered the December/January issue in our December roundup, but here it is again.

On the cover: discovers the lesser-known, more affordable side of the Seychelles, where beachside apartments go for $125 a night. 

- : From a sustainable farm institute to Aruba's weekly street party; David Swanson investigates American's favorite islands in search of the new and undiscovered.

- : Explore baroque churches, black-sand beaches, and crater lakes in the Azores, one of picks for 2012.

- : Take a spin on Puerto Rico's answer to Route 66. Josh Eells uncovers the island's quieter side, where the road is laced with waterfalls and horses out number people.

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On the cover: explores Havana by night and breaks the rules climbing Cuba's karst mountains by day. 

- : Sibling dynamics are on full display as writer recounts a winter trip to Montreal with his younger brother Steve.

: A list of neighborhood favorites from the Outer Sunset resident and sustainable surfboard designer of . 

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On the cover:
Sheila Buckmaster shares details of her annual pilgrimage to , where she joined in the festivities dressed as Charlie Chaplin. 

- A Magical Mystery
: Well aware of the cliché, embraces pop-culture history and recounts crossing the famous .-: Melina Gerosa looks out for the Melipona beecheii bee.

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