Traveling Solo

Traveling Solo in NYC

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There are plenty of upsides to being a party of one in a city like New York.

1. Hang out with a cool group. Indie tours beat generic sightseeing.

-  (a young pizza-obsessed local takes you for slices in all the boroughs)
- (Grandmaster Caz did this for his birthday party)
- (beloved local cheesemonger leads foodie day trips to NY dairy farms)
- interactive theater and walking tour (musical theater-types deliver kitsch on the street)
- 's free tour (cool neighborhood where cool beer is served to cool people)

2. See a live show in a tight space.

- (cabaret and bar)
- (iconic jazz club)
- (ever-changing event and exhibition space)
- (basement indie music venue)

Minetta Tavern

Photo courtesy of Minetta Tavern.

3. Take a seat at a lively bar.

- (Daniel Boulud's downtown burger joint)
- (Keith McNally's celeb-heavy, old-world restaurant)
- (retro ice cream parlor with spinning stools at the soda fountain)
-  (good music and strong drinks for artists, musicians, hipsters)
- (uptown brasserie for well-heeled set, where ladies love to lunch)

4. Eat at tiny, crowded places.

- (Old-school, diner-style kiosk inside the Essex Street Market).
- (Wildly popular brunching spot with eclectic, artisanal menu.)
- (Inventive dishes, bustling vibe, big bar.)

5. Have a home-cooked meal. Join an underground dining club.


Bill's Gay Nineties

Photo courtesy of Bill's Gay Nineties.

6. Mix and mingle at a piano bar or karaoke lounge.

- (West Village stalwart where you can expect a lot of Andrew Lloyd Weber)
- (Chinatown sing-a-longs)
- (refurbished by fancy cocktail barkeeps, but they've kept the piano)

7. Spend the day taking care of yourself.

- (stunning subterranean spa with candle-lit pools and steam room)
- (inconspicuous Park Ave location, cult facial following)
- (exercise classes, cafe, treatments)
- (gym, pool, ice skating rink looking over the Hudson)

Pizza a Casa

Photo courtesy of Pizza a Casa.

8. Eat in a classroom setting.

- , Eataly (nonna's secrets revealed)
- (serious foodies get serious instruction)
- (cocktail teachings and tastings)
- (dairy gets historical)
- (genuine tips for pizza making in a home oven)

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