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Things Gentedimontagna Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 20

by Team Gentedimontagna
Amanu Photo courtesy of Amanu.

A pair of bespoke leather sandals sounds awfully nice for summer. Inspired by the made-to-measure sandal shops found in Italy, stylist Anita Patrickson opened  in Los Angeles so customers can create their dream sandal. Twelve different styles are on offer, along with a variety of colorways, fabrications, and materials. – Berit Baugher, senior editor

My favorite luggage brand has been killing it with high-profile collaborations (Fendi, Supreme), but the latest suitcase to roll to market is possibly the coolest: A crystal-clear polycarbonate carry-on perfect for obsessive packers (guilty as charged). A little like performance art on wheels, travelers can indulge in full transparency ... or, at the very least, provide entertainment for fellow passengers on the TSA line. ($1,000, launches June 20) – Jeralyn, editorial director

From The Daily Show With Jon Stewart alumnus John Hodgman comes a sensitive, wry, self-deprecating memoir (yet not without flashes of magnanimity) recounting the author’s upbringing and experiences starting a family of his own in New England — a.k.a. Vacationland — from the hills of Western Massachusetts to the coasts of Maine. Beneath the quirky historical diatribes and satirical lambasting, the book is a heartfelt homage to New England, a land which he describes as "a beautiful place that I paradoxically want to hoard to myself and share with everyone I meet," that’s moving, clever, and, of course, funny as hell. Although it was published in October, I’ve been saving this read for the summer — something tells me I’ll enjoy it most relaxing on one of those "painful" New England beaches.  Rachel, intern

Between uncomfortable seats and being surrounded by strangers, I find it nearly impossible to get any sleep on planes. This sleeping mask is made of 100-percent silk and has been my savior. It's impossibly soft and weightless — so I can barely feel it on my eyes — and manages to block out every last sliver of light. A true miracle worker on long-haul flights or for fighting sleepless, jetlag-ridden nights. – Delfina, intern

There's nothing worse than getting off an international flight and having to deal with nasty, post-plane skin during your precious vacation time. Australian skincare brand Go-To's single use facial pads come in a small tub that is easy to pop into a carry-on for mid-flight exfoliation and hydration. The swipes are soaked in lactic acid and vitamin-rich aloe vera to ensure that you're at your glowing best when you step off the plane. – Danielle, intern

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