Germans Will Be Germans. In Any Language.

by Team Gentedimontagna

Germans in action in Bavaria. Photo by Jeralyn Gerba.

NEW YORK – We swear we're not biased, but Gentedimontagna husband  has published a new book, , and it's awesome. In this funny and beautifully designed volume, Schott identifies human conditions that everyone experiences but no one has named, and gives them names — in German — as well as historic, literary, and philosophical footnotes. For example:


Since he is pretty close to us (he's married to founder and CEO Pavia Rosati), we know a few things about him.

1. He's not German; he's English. (Both grandfathers were German.)

2. He doesn't really speak German. He defined the concepts and found the references, then collaborated with a family friend, German mathematician Dr. Oscar Bandtlow, on the translations.

3. He has published several books in German. , which has already been translated into German, is his eighth. (It's also being published in the UK and Australia and Italy next year.)

Why German? Because it a uniquely compoundable language. That is, you can make up new words by stringing other words together, and those new words make total sense to German in a way that "Airportgreetingjoy" wouldn't work in English. That's one of the words: "Flughafenbegrükungsfreude," which describes "childish delight at being greeted at the airport."

(Plus, everything German is kinda funny. Please see photo above.)

And Now For a Little German-y Movie

The entries run the gamut from frivolous to serious, and many cover experiences we've had on our travels:


Childhood sensation that summer vacation will last forever
In the adult version, it's hoping that vacation will last forever.


Toying with the (non-suicidal) idea of jumping from a height.
Felt on mountaintops, bridges, skyscrapers, observation decks, terraces...


Coveting thy neighbor's restaurant order.
Nothing is worse than ordering wrong the only time you're at a foreign restaurant.



Read the whole book.
, by Ben Schott

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