The Roundup

See Your Wildest Sand Castle Dreams Come True This Summer

by Daniel Schwartz

One of 2014's best. Created by Pavel Mylnikov. Photo courtesy of .

THE BEACH – Sand castles. We're thinking sand castles. The kind you stare at in awe. The kind you wish you could build. The kind that draw crowds from all over the world.

Now you're thinking sand castles, too.

UPDATE: There was a strong showing this year at and . Their top picks defy physics, demand attention, and destroy any notion of what a sand castle should be. You have to see them. 

We compiled a , including some of this year's best, to tide you over until you can see some for yourself. Check the schedule below of to find a sand sculpting festival around the United States near you. Live music, food vendors, and jaw-dropping sand creations. Actually, forget what's near you. This is a summer experience worth road tripping for.

MAY 2014

May 31
Galveston, Texas

JUNE 2014

June 6 - 8
Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska? Yes, Nebraska. Sand in the City partners with not-for-profit organizations to raise money for community causes. A day in the sand for a good cause. No beach necessary!

June 7
Isle of Palms, South Carolina

June 21
Cannon Beach, Oregon

June 21
Grand Haven City Beach, Michigan

June 19 - 21 
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
Sand sculptures are illuminated for night viewing through July 6.

June 27 - 29 
Ocean Shores, Washington

June 28 - 29
Arvada, Colorado

JULY 2014

July 4 - 6 
Port Huron, Michigan

July 16-20 
Long Beach, Washington

July 18 - 20 
Portland, Oregon

Juy 18-20 
Revere, Massachusetts

July 26 
Mentor, Ohio


August 23 - 24 
Olympia, Washington

August 29 - September 1
San Diego, California


September 26 - October 5
Virginia Beach, Virginia

November 14 - 18
Sarasota, Florida

November 21 - 30
Fort Myers Beach, Florida


Get your sand sculpture fix year-round. 


Okay, you're inspired too. Ready to build? This is a great website with tips and tricks for building your own sand castle and information for sand sculptor instructors across the United States. (Seriously, "sand castle instructors." Where did we go wrong in college?)


Inset photos, from top: Jooheng Tan sculpture courtesy of Neptune's International Sandsculpting Championship; Abe Waterman and Morgan Rudluff sculpture courtesy of American Sand Sculpting Championships.


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