"Ex-Pats" Launches on YouTube

by Pavia Rosati

"Wouldn't you like to quit your job and live the life you've always dreamed of?"

That's the burning question that opens Ex-Pats, the new show that just debuted on YouTube's Reserve Channel. Host  (Jimmy's charming daughter) will travel the globe, getting the stories of travelers who transformed their wanderlust into a new reality.

Episode one features Cheech and Kevin, two University of Vermont buddies who traded cubicles for beach umbrellas, moving to the US Virgin Islands and starting . (They're called Cheech and Kevin. Of course they did.)


Ex-Pats: Cubicles to Craft Brews (YouTube)


Episode two features Jamison Witbeck, captain and owner of Kekoa Expeditions and Black Sails Charters in the Virgin Islands. Here's a peek at what's to come: 

Ex-Pats Season 2

Jamison Witbeck on ExPats

Jamison Witbeck on ExPats boat


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