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Reframing the Travel Souvenir as Artwork

by Berit Baugher

Update your gallery wall with a framed travel souvenir. All photos courtesy of Simply Framed.

Our go-to gift this holiday season? An affordable, custom framing service that turns treasured souvenirs into works of art.

Rarely do I come home from a trip without a few new odd and ends tucked away in my suitcase. Beautifully packaged Japanese wagashi or hand-loomed Peruvian blankets are hard to resist — even if I can get most things online these days. Some of my more practical souvenirs find a place easily among the rest of my possessions, but a few keepsakes feel at odds with my decor (like a bright red hammock I insisted on lugging home from Bocas del Toro) or don't have much use (here's looking at you, French button collection). 

custom framing service has me reconsidering how to display a few of the impractical souvenirs I have stashed away. A menu from a treasured meal, a ticket from a favorite museum exhibit, or a scrap of hand-woven fabric now have the potential to be turned into a piece of art.


Like an updated version of a scrapbook, knickknack shelf, or a china cabinet, Simply Framed provides a variety of custom options for your collectibles. In addition to printing and framing digital photographs, three-dimensional objects can be framed up to 40x60 inches with a variety of matting options. The frame options are timeless, design-focused styles that will look great in any home for a long time.

The turnaround time is typically five to seven business days — plenty of time to work Simply Framed into your holiday gifting strategy.

Simply Framed

Simply Framed matchbook collection


Transform a favorite souvenir into art with . Frames start at $55.


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