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14 Ingredients for a Mediterranean Dinner Party

by Becky Cheang

Photos (from top left): (photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma); Riad el Fenn in Marrakech (photo by Stephanie March); (photo courtesy of JCPenny); (photo courtesy of Layla Grace)

Every Wednesday in we find the best travel products to match our featured destination of the week. This week, we're cruising around the Mediterranean.

A good friend came back from a recent trip to Marrakech high on the souks, the teas, the aromas. I invited her over for brunch, and she brought a gorgeous Moroccan teapot as a present. Ever since, I've been planning my dream Mediterranean dinner party. Here's how I'll do it.

Just one of so many pillows. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie.


First, I'll set out a ($66) with grapefruit, black currant, pomegranate, and Italian blood orange scents so guests can smell the Mediterranean the minute they arrive.

I like blue, a lot. (The color of the sea!) There will be pillows, ($58-88). I also love this ($30) for its classic Greek key pattern. Lemons and figs make for pretty centerpieces.

Tasty, meaty snacks. Photo by James Ransom / Courtesy of Food52.


There are so many amazing Mediterranean appetizers, I could skip the main course. Cheeses, for sure. Maybe a traditional Greek sheep's milk cheese like  ($10). With a dollop of spicy Italian goodness like  ($25). Olives, grapes, salted nuts, dried figs, and dates will round out the cheese plate.

Now for cured meats from Spain:  ($15) and a ($24).

For booze, I'll serve sangria or ouzo-lemon spritzers in a ($45). 

Impressive tagines. Photo courtesy of Hayneedle.


I will start early and draw inspiration from great Mediterranean cookbooks like  by Sam and Sam Clark ($21) and  by Paula Wolfert ($29).

I'll definitely invest in a ($200) for a simple lamb or chicken tagine. (Here's a nice .) And I'll slather ($13) on a delicious.

Sweet, sweet torrone. Photo courtesy of Nudo Italia.


($8) is a classic Sicilian treat. (.) And although I love Turkish baklava, I'm terrified about making it. One day. Till then, ($40) will do.