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A Green Thumb's Go-To Gardening Shops in Floral Saint Germain

by Deborah Needleman

Pretty little porcelain flowers. Photo courtesy of .

Deborah Needleman isn't just an awesome editor and writer; she's also an amazing gardener. She gave us her quick list of favorite floral spots in Saint Germain. 

PARIS – After delicious breakfast at Hôtel Duc de St Simon, my favorite in Paris (which you can ), I like to wander round the 'hood. Keeping with my old-fashioned charm slant and the fact that I'm a gardener, I offer a few flower-inspired spots to visit.

37 rue de Verneuil; +33-1-42-60-25-40
This teeny tiny shop is very old lady and I love it. It is a collection of work by two artists, Didier Gardillou and Samuel Mazy, who make magical, delicate vegetables and flowers from porcelain. I have a small pea pod, a little radish, and now, a dusty pink cyclamen in a terracotta pot. This stuff is très fragile.

3 rue du Bac;  +33-1-45-48-46-53
Should I ever become a very rich grand dame, I will head straight here and buy myself some Iznik plates, handpainted as if a garden was growing all over them with tulips, hyacinths, palms, and carnations, made in Turkey in the 17th century (really, really expensive) or 18th century (really expensive).

5 rue de Montalembert; +33-1-42-22-56-56
Instead, I head here to console myself with pastries or a sandwich.

46 rue du Bac; +33-1-42-22-30-07
Deyrolle, Paris' oldest, grandest taxidermy shop, was completely reconstructed after a devastating fire a couple of years back. It's worth a visit both for the crazy stuffed animals and because it is housed in a beautiful hôtel particulier. Owner Prince Louis Albert de Broglie runs his garden shop on the ground floor, and it is here that I buy oversized wood plant labels and the best green garden twine made with a bit of wire.

79 rue de Varenne; +33-1-44-18-61-10
You don't need me to tell you about this, but the museum has a really nice garden to stroll in. 

47 rue de Babylone; +33-1-45-51-50-47
This is off-theme (and across St. Germain des Pres) in that it is hip in a Williamsburg-y way with minimal chic interiors and really good coffee.


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