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A Dreamy, Caloric, Flaming American Classic With a Belgian Twist

by Berit Baugher

A new take on the traditonal summer treat. All photos by Erin Scott.

The ingredients of a summer well spent vary by person, but if you ask me, it includes a lot of watermelon and at least one campfire s'more. Indulgent, nostalgic, transportive, it doesn't get much better than a fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between crisp graham crackers.

While perusing the goods at in Kennebunkport, Maine, I came across a new take on the traditional summer treat. Instead of graham crackers, contains crunchy, not-too-sweet speculoos cookies. Danger alert for those with a sweetooth (myself included). For those not familiar with the Belgian treat: it's an addictive caramelized spice cookie and sweet spread. Often used as a companion to coffee and tea, the cinnamon-flavored biscuits are hard to resist. Add fluffy vanilla marshmallows by and rich dark to the mix and you can imagine my predicament. 


Kick your s'mores game up a notch with . ($19)

Little Belgians speculoos s'mores kit

Little Belgians speculoos s'mores kit


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