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The World's Your Oyster: Best Hotel Beaches

by Team Gentedimontagna

A view from Arenas del Mar Beach & Nature Resort, Costa Rica. Photo: Courtesy of Oyster.com

We've long appreciated the detailed hotel reviews and refreshingly honest from . In their new video series, The Oyster Half Dozen, they're ranking hotels by theme. First up: best beach hotels in the U.S. and Caribbean.

With the temperature rapidly approaching winter, now's the time to start thinking about hotels with beaches as built-in amenities.

The top six are:

6. , Miami, Florida |
It's mellow (chaises, food and drink service, kite surfing), with seamless access from the pool lounge.

5. , Costa Rica |
Two beautiful, remote white sand strips, accessible by golf cart. Watch out for the monkeys.

4. Stanza Mare Coral Comfort, Dominican Republic |
Crystal clear water, easy access, and the option to parasail.

3. , Hawaii |
Nearly all the rooms face the water, which is big and rocky and ready for exploring.

2. , Hawaii |
Boulders and crashing waves make it a little too dangerous for swimming, but it's the best for photo ops.

1. , Montego Bay, Jamaica |
Dreamy: swim with dolpins, ride horses through the water, windsurf, kayak to your heart's delight.

You can see the live brochure below:

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