Nature in All Its Glory

Llamas! World's Cutest Animals!

by Berit Baugher

Photo by leander.canaris / Flickr.

A debate rages on at Gentedimontagna: What's the cutest animal we've ever spotted on our travels? Half of us think it's most certainly sea lions, especially the ones we met in the Galapagos Island. But an equally strong faction is arguing for another contender: the llama. Wonderfully weird looking. Incredibly endearing and photogenic. Alpacas are pretty cute, too, although to tell the truth we can't tell the difference. We've spotted them in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, but llamas especially seem to love Peru, where they can be seen everywhere from Incan ruins to city streets.

So. Let's settle this once and for all. What gets your vote? Tweet @GentedimontagnaWaytoGo with #TeamLllama or #TeamSeaLion. And if you have another suggestion, tag the cutest animal you've spotted #TravelWithGentedimontagna on Instagram. We'll feature our favorites on Instagram.

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