In the Magazines: September 2011

by Kathleen M. O'Donnell

This month, per reader request, we add  and to our magazine rundown. Happy reading and armchair traveling.

On the cover: The annual Style and Culture issue whisks us to The Next Best Places. Guy Trebay reports on , Maria Shollenbarger on , design updates from Aimee Lee Ball on and Lynn Yaeger on , and Kate Betts on .

-, all 137 of them, and

-: Adam Sachs spotlights chef Marcus Samuelsson's favorite Swedish destinations and his awesome new Harlem restaurant, Red Rooster.

-: The always-excellent Peter Jon Lindberg extols the virtues of traveling heavy.

-It's always great to see your name in lights, and we curtsy to T+L for featuring FATHOM founder and CEO . 

-The magazine is taking its act offline with its first-ever , an extravaganza of places, music, food, and stuff  in NYC September 17-18. Tickets are on sale.

On the cover: The Visionaries issue highlights the destinations that will benefit most from do-good travelers. Cover girl  receives top billing as a World Food Programme Ambassador fighting to save children in Kenya.

-Hats off for those who Travel for the Good: , , and .

-: Andrew Cockburn reports on its "pleasures and paradoxes."

-: Mark Connolly and Wendy Perrin visit Hyderabad's Taj Falaknuma Palace.

-: (one of our favorites on Twitter) checks into the Soneva Fushi in the Maldives.

-: Brook Wilkinson, that was one plum assignment.

On the cover: Novelist Elizabeth Berg discovers her long lost brother among the lush hidden landscapes in .

-Miriam Murphy visits , Steve Chapple gets lost in , and Carl Hoffman explores Egypt's New Day ().

-: Daisann McLane on the third language that travelers use to get around foreign destinations. Who knew Spanish could get you through Japan?

-Radio host Boyd Matson spends in the Congo Basin, putting off photographing animals to play with locals.

-: Costa Christ on the challenges of voluntourism.

You'll have to buy the newsstand version to actually , but the website provides a nice array of supplementary slideshows and videos.

On the cover: For its 150th issue, the magazine celebrates "150 agenda-setting, era-defining issues" that have made the world a good-looking place. Heavy emphasis on fashion, darling. It is September.

-History in the Making, by Glenn Waldron, is about fashion brand Valentino creating a virtual museum in cyber space.

-, by JJ Martin, accompanies Silvia Venturini Fendi on a tour of Rome's new creative design spaces including the  leather workshop, jewelry atelier, a  in Pastificio Cerere (a former pasta factory), and a young carpenter's studio amidst 90 year-old falegname (wood masters).

-Best Cellar, by Rupert Eden, gives an overview of boutique country retreat  in the cork forests and plains of Alentejo in Portugal.

-In Subculture, Marie Le Fort explores , an underground Parisian member's club designed by David Lynch.

-The iconic  resort in West Virginia sets the stage for fashion photo story . 

Not all the articles are online. Or if they are, we can't find them. You'll have to head to an actual — yowza! — newsstand to read all about it.

On the cover: might be in your backyard (Wyoming) or in another hemisphere (South Africa). We're especially interested in Lord Howe Island in Australia.

-The Annual Coolest Small Towns in America is Lewisburg, West Virginia. Other top contenders: Astoria, Oregon; Clayton, New York; Eureka Springs, Arkansas; and La Pointe, Wisconsin. Confetti and cupcakes all around.

- include Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Austria, Spain. (The United Kingdom: That was a surprise.)

We can't find their articles online either. If they're there, we apologize. Clearly, we need a Surfing 101 class this month.

On the cover: Get Local inspires travelers to consider the global destinations closest to the homestead. (If only Amsterdam was a short train ride away.)

-Stokholm, Toronto, Sarajevo, and Western Uganda, where local highlights include a converted jail hotel, mad scientist bartenders, nomadic villages, and Ugandan Akaboozi (Lugandan for "gossip").

-Snack on chaat in Mumbai's street markets and get a recipe for pao bhaji.

-Spanish Steps explores the gypsy roots of Andalusian dance company Taller Flamenco

-Palermo Viejo: Javier Gover is working, fathering, and eating in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

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