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Links We Love: 8/25/2018

by Team Gentedimontagna
Christo 7,506 barrels in Christo's The London Mastaba at London Serpentine Gallery. Photo courtesy of Dezeen.

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I just saw the latest Christo installation, , on view on the Serpentine Lake in London until the end of September. Christo has been using barrels as a medium since the 1960s, in projects both conceived and realized, as seen in the accompanying exhibition. This work is twenty meters high, all bright pinks, reds, and purples, and is striking. — Pavia, CEO 

Mark your calendars: The final season of in New York on September 22. Only the first episode, which spotlights Kenya, was completed before Bourdain's passing on June 8. The rest of the season will feature existing audio of Bourdain and interviews with close friends and acquaintances. – Daniel, editor

With the last days of summer quickly approaching, I'm by feeling optimistic about the start of a new season. – Berit, senior editor

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival ends this weekend, and I'm already making plans for next year. The most dynamic show I saw last weekend was , a performance troupe founded by two Ethiopian brothers who dreamed of joining the circus. Have a look at what they do. Incredible! — Pavia

Loving this roundup of for a quick dopp-kit refresh. – Daniel

If you're looking to meld wanderlust with home decor, Max Samis – the brains behind Mister Spoils and Stella Spoils, the daily cultural newsletters for men and women, respectively – has just launched a photo gallery filled with travel prints. You can order online at or swing by the brick-and-mortar store at in in LA's Culver City. – Amelia, 

Time's list of the around the globe is top of mind as I start making plans for this year's holiday travels. – Berit

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