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Around the Web: 3/16/2014

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Tiled floors in Panama City. Photo: courtesy of American Trade Hotel

What we're clicking on this week (when we're not packing for spring break).

Louis Vuitton tapped visual artists for a  about places like Paris, Venice, and Easter Island. – Jeralyn, editorial director

I'm obssessing over the tiled floors at . – Berit, assistant editor

These 80 videos take you on a , with how-to's for everything from New England clam chowder to Indian lamb khorma. – Tess, editorial intern

Man, the things you find on Google Earth. Here's an . I'd love to catch a film there one day. – Becky, editorial assistant


I love Wes Anderson's latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. (And the , so much fun!) Take a behind-the-scenes look at . – Becky, editorial assistant

Absolutely swept up in the soulful, rhythmic sound of . It's kind of like the Malian/Libyan/Algerian version of American blues. – Jeralyn, editorial director

This new print magazine (and blog and podcast) , where there are inspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and makers that have yet to be discovered. – Tess, editorial intern

Check out photographer David Guttenfelder's Instagram feed for . – Berit, assistant editor

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