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Links We Love: 12/1/2018

by Team Gentedimontagna
The Photo courtesy of The Imperial Hotel.

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This brings a dose of Palm Springs to the Quarryman’s Hotel in Sydney. – Daniel, Gentedimontagna editor

Loving everything about . In less than thirty seconds, help make the world a safer place by sending a postcard to your state representative to pass universal background checks. – Berit, senior editor

There's a new global pantry available online. It's called , and it offers stories, recipes, and delicious ingredients that can be delivered to your door. – Jeralyn, editorial director

Christian Dior with models, about 1955. Photo by André Gandner. © Clémence Gandner. Courtesy of Denver Art Museum.

Reason to go to Denver this winter: to see , a retrospective of designs and photos at Denver Art Museum. . — Pavia, CEO

More on Sydney: , with a vegetarian-centric pub with drag show offerings, an open-air pizzeria and cocktail lounge, and dance club hosting queer parties on the regular. – Daniel

I was completely taken by a group of ambassadors to Sonoma County, California, who passionately spoke about their food, culture, landscape, and good neighborliness when I met them in NYC a few weeks ago. They put together — locally made olive oil, artisanal soap, beeswax candles, chocolate bars, tea blends, jams, honeys, and the like. – Jeralyn

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