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Links We Love: 10/20/2018

by Team Gentedimontagna
Pandas in China's Anzihe Reserve. Photo by Kyle Obermann.

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Something cute for your feed: a magical photos series and informational read about the latest efforts to preserve the giant pandas (there are about 2,000 of these vulnerable creatures in the world) in Southwestern China. – Jeralyn, editorial director

If you're looking for something meaningful to do this season, the community of greater South Walton, Florida (), has compiled , a directory of resources for volunteer efforts to help those impacted by the Hurricane Michael. – Pavia, CEO  

, as We Heart beautifully puts it, is an artist gallery for those more used to working on walls than within them. – Daniel, editor

A foreign tradition that I can get behind: , or the Christmas Book Flood. In Iceland, it's a national tradition to gift your loved ones a good book on the night of the 24th and to spend the evening reading. – Berit, senior editor 

If Colombia's capital isn't on your radar, it should be. Just take a look at . – Daniel

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