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Links We Love: 03/09/19

by Team Gentedimontagna
Ilan Ilan and Asaf Ramon International Airport. Photo courtesy of Architect's Digest.

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I've been feeling the urge of late to add a new skill to my craft repertoire, and Ace Camps' art-themed organized trips could be the ideal place to do it, starting with this . – Berit, senior editor

, a Dutch chain of boutiques, is bringing a rooftop pool, a co-working area, a concept store, and a host of design-forward rooms to a historic palazzo in Florence — at a price university students can afford. – Daniel, editor

Nicknamed "The Gruyére," the weathered facade of the 1964 in Beirut is a true charmer amid the Armenian neighborhoods full of hidden local galleries and shops. I love to imagine the architect Victor Bisharat snacking on the Swiss cheese as inspiration. - California, editorial intern

Airlines do whatever they can to cram as many passengers into their planes as possible these days, but in the heyday of the 747, it was all about space and luxury — and not just for business class travelers. Check out . Jeralyn, editorial director

Speaking of the golden age of air travel, the hotly anticipated — in the classic Eero Saarinen-designed former terminal — is poised to open in May. I will now be adding a day onto all my JFK departures so I can check in and step back in time. – Pavia, CEO

Eating burnt grain dumplings with wild mushrooms lakeside at the ? Sounds great. – Daniel

It's always a when the airport you're traveling to is just as beautiful as the destination itself. is so modern and futuristic, it creates a blinding desert mirage of the surrounding landscape. - California

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