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Links We Love: 02/23/19

by Team Gentedimontagna
Musée Photo courtesy of Musée Yves Saint Laurent.

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I had the pleasure of peeking under the drapes a the before it officially opened two autumns ago. I would love to go back for the exhibition on American Abstract artist Brice Marden, who is having his work shown on the continent for the first time. The exhibition opens this weekend and will be on view through March 2020. - Jeralyn, editorial director

This is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. – Daniel, editor

Excellent news for our waste-filled seas: has pledged to be the first cruise line that entirely eliminates plastic bottles this year. This is less a link I love and more industry leadership I applaud. - Pavia, CEO

This video of is getting me through the winter doldrums. – Berit, senior editor

Karl Lagerfeld, iconic king of fashion and creative genius behind legendary fashion house Chanel, passed away this week. While most know him for his stunning runway designs, reveals Lagerfeld was also an adventuresome collector and a thrilling decorator at home, showcasing his love of Paris through everything he touched. — California, editorial intern

Kansas City-based photographer and gathered her many beautiful photographs and charming recommendations to create a . Check it out on her website and try — just try — to resist looking up flights to CDMX.- Jeralyn

Loving the idea of instituting a  with my husband and imaging what fifty years of passport stamps will look like. – Berit

So ... cat ladders are a thing. The new photo-forward book  spotlights their various designs in the city of Bern, Switzerland. – Daniel

I couldn't look away at this breathtaking, raw footage of . — California

 by Susan McPherson recounts her travel adventures in the Sea of Cortez. This is a woman who knows her geographic extremes: She wrote a terrific piece for . - Pavia

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