Links We Love: 01/12/14

by Team Gentedimontagna

Photo: Courtesy of Perennial Plate

A weekly compendium of what we're clicking, viewing, and watching on the web (while defrosting in NYC).

You've got to watch . Awesome music. Loco graphics! Well done, . – Jeralyn, editorial director

I adore postcards and am really excited to see the 60 miniature pieces from, running from January 23 to March 1 in London's . – Becky, editorial assistant

Love this reminder about how easy it is to  into your daily life. Whether it's an excursion to a new neighborhood or a trip to the other side of the world, it's important to keep moving. – Berit, assistant editor

shipwreck and Beachcombing Museum

Photo: Courtesy of the Shipwreck and Beachcombing Museum

I would love to visit the found behind a farmhouse on an island in the Netherlands. It's a nautical treasure trove with seven decades' worth of sea curios. – Becky, editorial assistant

I'm always interested in the New York Times Travel section's . Especially now that they've redesigned their website with such big, gorgeous images. – Pavia, ceo

And as a follow-up, check out Jason Clampet's about how they compile the list. – Pavia, ceo

For the in China's Guangdong province, shipping containers and abandoned factories have been turned into exhibitions with spiraling staircases and viewing platforms. Check out the . – Jeralyn, editorial director

I recently returned from a visit to Los Angeles and am sad to say I didn't make it to , a new juice bar with a Scandinavian feel. Next trip it will be top of my list. – Berit, assistant editor


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