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The 20 Best Travel Products Under $20

by Team Gentedimontagna

Once you've set yourself up with everything on our Gentedimontagna Travel Awards list of , don't forget to pack the inexpensive little extras that won't take up much room in your suitcase but will make the journey better, cleaner, tidier, healthier, and snackier.

The Ultimate Travel Toothbrush

, $14
Travel light with a Japanese toothbrush that cleans teeth without toothpaste. Dunk in water to loosen nano-sized mineral ions that remove stains and protect enamel.

Noise-Canceling Earbuds

, $20
These compact, travel-friendly, multi-use ear buds block damaging loud noises while letting in clear tones. Though they won't cancel noise completely, they’re perfect for turning down the volume on irritating commutes, at loud concerts, and while working in hotel lobbies.

Gadget Wipes

, $15 for set of 20
Individually wrapped in rainbow-colored foil packets, they're more effective cleaners than eyeglass cloths or the bottom of the T-shirt you are wearing. Plant-based and ammonia-, alcohol-, and fragrance-free, the wipes are entirely screen safe. One sheet can handle two laptops, two iPhones, and three pairs of glasses.

Cord De-Jumbler

, $16 for set of three
This practical, handsome little guy wrangles the snarled mess of wires that lives at the bottom of our bags. No more untangling earphones in a fit of rage.

Warming Socks

, $20 for two pairs
Know what's no fun? Freezing on a plane. Too much body heat escapes through the feet, especially when you're sleeping. These thick socks will keep you toasty in any chilly environment, and make your whole body feel extra cozy.

Versatile Hand Wash

, $10
A herbaceous, pocket-sized hand wash that cleanses and refreshes without water. Perfect for scruffy campfire meals, messy street snacking, and those times when you'd rather not get up to go to the bathroom on an airplane.

Everyday Gaming

, $14
We heart this Boggle-Scrabble love child, and not just for its banana-shaped zip pouch, though that's a big . The word game is addictive, fast-paced, and easy to play alone or in a group.

A Heavy-Duty Salve

, $8
The Australian standard relieves burns, cuts, splinters, and rashes and makes a great heavy duty lip balm, especially after a long day in the sun. We carry a tube everywhere.

Healthy Snack Bars

, $17 for ten
Don't let the somewhat goofy brand name deter you from the bars that pack a healthy punch, with 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar. Tuck a few into your carry-on and you'll never be stuck eating overpriced airport snacks again. Various flavors are available, but we're partial to Chunky Peanut Butter.

Refreshing Dry Shampoo

, $5
A travel-size dry-shampoo saves time when every second counts. The foamy consistency means you can you freshen up on the airplane without bothering passengers around you.

Stress-Reducing Candy

, $7
Do you become mildly anxious before boarding a plane? Do not arrive to the airport empty-handed! Bach's little tin of homeopathic chews helps with stress relief on the spot.

Solid and Safe SPF

, $10
Sun protection for you and the environment, made without parabens, petroleum, GMOs, and anything else you don't want on your skin. Bonus: It's reef-safe, vegetarian, and cruelty-free. Double bonus: The solid won't spill anywhere.

Reusable Totes

, $12 for set of five
Our favorite reusable bag company churns out endless adorable patterns of their now-ubiquitous shopping tote. You should have one of these in every suitcase and carry-on — for dirty laundry, extra souvenirs, airport snacks, and what-have-you.

Easy Immunity Booster

, $20
Pop a few of these immunity-boosting beads into your mouth while traveling to support your health and hygiene (thanks to eucalyptus, rosemary, and wild orange essential oils) and freshen your breath (hello, clove and cinnamon).

Water Mist

, $10
A quick spritz all over your face will do wonders to counter the drying effects of stale airplane air. Bonus travel points for the French provenance.

Trusty Lint Roller

, $9
The lint roller that does it all. It's super sticky, easy to tear, reusable, retractable, and easy to stash everywhere from a back pocket to a day bag. Plus, it looks good.

Reusable Hand Warmer

Whether you're hitting the black diamond or the bunny slope, or trying to see it all in Stockholm in December, prevent numb fingers with a sleek, reusable hand warmer that lasts up to six hours.

Handy Travel Candle

, $14
The handsome little travel candle goes the distance — in your pocket, backpack, or tossed haphazardly in your luggage. (No glass here.) Natural fragrances like pine, bergamot, cassis, oak, geranium, and eucalyptus spruce up a smelly hotel room in no time.

Headphone Splitter

, $14
One person watching a great movie = time well spent. Five people watching a great movie together = entertainment party. A tiny headphone splitter makes it happen.

Portable Speaker

, $14 
Set your soundtrack of choice to liven up the hotel room, the beach, or wherever the spirit moves you. This one is pocket-sized, bluetooth-enabled, and will last for twelve hours, 300 songs, or until you're exhausted.

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