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by Team Gentedimontagna
Soviet Photo by Christopher Herwig.

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Photo by Christopher Herwig.

Christopher Herwig's recent work zeroes in on a particular style of architecture — brutalist Soviet-era bus stops — and its role as a vehicle for Soviet ideology. After documenting these structures in former Soviet countries, the photographer turned to the Motherland for his latest book , driving across Russia in search of these wondrous images. – Daniel, Gentedimontagna editor

Umshiang root bridge. Photo courtesy of Lost With Purpose.

Deep inside the rain forests of Meghalaya, a state in Northeast India, travelers can find the pinnacle of human and nature's symbiosis: living root bridges. These bridges, created by the Khasi people, are formed by guiding the roots of rubber trees using the straight trunks of betel nut trees to form massive natural bridges. There are dozens of living root bridges in Meghalaya, but one not to be missed is Umshiang, the double-decker root bridge in Nongriat village. – Sebastiaan,

NYC lags far behind other global capitals when it comes to our subway system. The government and transit agencies are in a crisis right now, debating out how to fix it. But here's a glimmer of hope: a prototype for the future, which was on view earlier this month. - Pavia, Gentedimontagna CEO

Street art in Yeldeğirmeni. Photo by Yücel Babadag.

Yeldeğirmeni is an up-and-coming neighborhood on the Asian side, Kadıköy. This traditional neighborhood has hosted different ethnicities such as Armenians, Jews, and Greeks since the 15th century, a few of whom still reside there. Hip and trendy places are added every day, but it remains undiscovered by tourists. The Mural Istanbul street Art fest has just taken place in Yeldeğirmeni, so there's lots of great street art, too. – Yücel,

The cafe at Hotel Pillar. Photo courtesy of Hotel Pillar.

Antwerp has a lot going for it these days. A beautiful (fashion museum) with an exhibition on Olivier Theyskens. Great shopping — for timeless fashion, for Scandinavian-inspired interior pieces, and for design, fashion, and coffee. And a new lodging option: , an eclectic boutique with only seventeen rooms and a lovely cafe on the ground floor that serves a delicious chicken in blueberry sauce. – Pauline,

Photos by Francis Hammond.

I normally don't jump at the idea of taxidermy, but when its done on animals that died of natural causes in pursuit of education and the environment, I take notice. Deyrolle, founded in 1831, is part famous museum, exquisite boutique, and academic institution. It has inspired the likes of Salvator Dalí, André Breton, and Wes Anderson. And I'm definitely checking out next time I'm in Paris. – Daniel, Gentedimontagna


Photo by Katie McKnoulty.

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