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by Team Gentedimontagna
Photo by Anna Boyiazis.

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Finding Freedom in the Water

A gorgeous series of images by American documentary photographer Anna Boyiazis captures the simple act of learning to swim in the Zanzibar Archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa. – Berit, senior editor.

Global Goods

From June 14 - 17, Gentedimontagna contributor and LA-based textile collector and trend forecaster Joanna Williams is opening her first ever Kneeland Co. pop-up shop featuring exquisite rarities from her travels around the world, like hand-painted Bulgarian pottery and floral paintings made by a master miniature painter in Jaipur. – Berit, senior editor

Photo courtesy of PurePods.

Find Your Next Cabin Escape Right Here

Cabin porn isn't new — yet it keeps making me drool with envy — but only recently did I come across a website with a well-curated selection of cabins that you can actually book. That's the small yet great idea behind Cabin Escapes. Their selection of cabins around the world is legendary and has me planning my next off-the-grid adventure. – Pauline, The Voyageur

Photo by Christopher Brooks

Country Chic in the Cotswolds

If I could swap lifestyles with anyone, it would be former Barney’s creative director Amanda Cutter Brooks, who has figured out a way to combine simple country living with the style and excitement of her old life in New York City. Along with an envy-inducing Instagram feed and a new book, this month Cutter Brooks has opened a charming boutique near her home in rural England. Goods for sale include knitwear from Hesperios, wicker pedestals by Atelier Vime, and Astier de Villatte ceramics. – Berit

Photo courtesy of Lost With Purpose.

Gomukh Glacier: The Start of the Ganges River

Few rivers in this world inspire such a vast array of emotions — intrigue, reverence, disgust — as the holy Ganges River in India. Though the infamous river is sickly polluted by the time it reaches Varanasi, the river’s source is a pristine glacier well worth any traveler’s visit. Gomukh, the glacier believed by Hindus to be the start of the Ganges, can only be reached by trekking for one to two days through snowy Himalayan peaks in northern India. The trek alone is stunning, but the end result is even better: It’s not every day you can say you drank from the Ganges and lived to tell the tale! – Alex, Lost With Purpose

Photo by Piotr Czubaszek.

Warsaw's Neon Museum Is a Peek into the Past

Neon Muzeum exhibits neon signs that used to populate the streets of Warsaw in the 20th century. Visiting is a very sentimental experience for me. I still remember when these signs lit the streets of Warsaw. Some belonged to businesses that have long since closed, like Cepelia or BERLIN, while others represent brands popular in Poland's Communist era, like Społem, which any Pole would recognize. – Piotrek, Spotted by Locals

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