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"The "The Horse Trotted Another Couple of Metres, Then it Stopped​​" by Katharina Grosse. Photo courtesy of Carriageworks.

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Photo courtesy of Carriageworks.

Over the winter holidays, I stopped into Sydney's Carriageworks, a contemporary art center in a giant warehouse near Redfern. They were setting up Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse's latest installation, The Horse Trotted Another Couple of Metres, Then it Stopped, a massive swath of spray-painted fabric in a rainbow of colors. The psychedelic piece will be on display until April 8 as part of Sydney Festival 2018. – Daniel, Gentedimontagna editor

Earth has never looked better than in the new series on BBC America, presented by renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough. Episode one, now streaming online, wows with dramatic ocean swells, gorgeous coral reefs, and remarkably intelligent fish. Listen below to an interview with Attenborough on The New Yorker Radio Hour podcast. — Pavia, CEO

Photo courtesy of Culinary Backstreets.

Annual "where to visit" guides often recommend whole countries or even regions, but I prefer to travel on a smaller scale. For me, the neighborhood is the ideal unit of exploration. With that in mind, Culinary Backstreets put together a guide highlighting less-visited neighborhoods in cities around the world. Getting off the beaten path leads to fresh experiences, but it’s also a way of supporting the economies of neighborhoods otherwise neglected by the tourism industry. From Plekhanov in Tbilisi to Mexico City’s Santa Maria La Ribera and Elmhurst in Queens, this year we’re recommending people go deeper in order to travel better. – Yigal,

Photo courtesy of Malaysia Hotel.

Nobody would ever accuse Bangkok’s Malaysia Hotel of being short on character. The filming location for scenes from Good Morning Vietnam, the hotel has long had a reputation wrapped up in the American GI and R&R scene, with plenty of sex and seediness thrown in. Today, thanks to a complete revamp, it offers a lot more comfort with a touch of nostalgia for a style of hotel vanishing from the country. – Stuart,

Photo courtesy of La Centrale.

If you’re a fan of food halls, Miami is getting its own Italian marketplace in February. La Centrale, set in the Brickell City Centre, is over 40,000 square feet with 14 eateries. In addition to restaurants, there will be a cooking event space, a gelato shop, and multiple cocktail bars. Though I love a Negroni, I’m actually most excited about La Centrale’s mozzarella bar. — Amelia,


Photo by David De Vleeschauwer / Classe Touriste.

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