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Introducing the Gentedimontagna Travel Awards! The Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2018

by Team Gentedimontagna
Classe Photo by David De Vleeschauwer / Classe Touriste.

We are proud to debut the Gentedimontagna Travel Awards, a year-long celebration of our favorite places, people, and products in the world.

We kick off with the Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2018. Gentedimontagna's editors have combed the world and the World Wide Web in search of remarkable travelers and the sites they keep. We have an affinity for the DIYers and for those with passionate viewpoints that are authentic, original, and thrilling to follow. These are the sites we happily return to and recommend again and again.

If you're new to us, Gentedimontagna is a website and boutique travel agency that inspires your love of travel, whether you're on the road or staying home. We narrow down the endless options to those that are special. And we get you into the world by making travel as easy as possible. to explore the world with us.  

Stay tuned! We'll be rolling out new awards throughout the year — the romantic hotels, the restaurants worth the detour, the essential apps, and more.

What we love: The whole region is trending hard for American travelers. This site covers cool culture, events, and design in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway. There are posts on the best local designers, stores, restaurants, and hangouts mainly in major cities, and also articles on quirky local customs. It's the ultimate resource for all things Scandi. The section is particularly helpful for spontaneous travelers.

Read Gentedimontagna's guides to and , and see our favorite itineraries for and . See why the Faroe Islands of Denmark are one of our .

What we love: This boutique travel journal, run by brothers Oliver and Darrell Hartman, uses beautiful photography and short film to tell inspiring stories of craftsmanship, tradition, and extreme natural environments.

See short films by Jungles in Paris on Gentedimontagna — a quick video study on , a beautiful tour of — and read about their behind-the-scenes adventures in .

What we love: Founder Pauline Egge has impeccable taste and always keeps her eye on the details, posting little looks at the best moments in design and culture around the world.

Read more on Gentedimontagna about Pauline's good taste in and local happenings in . 

What we love: Jenny Nguyen-Barron and her team build itineraries with art galleries, plant boutiques, jazz bars, and new restaurants recommended by curators with excellent points of view.

What we love: Resourceful Portuguese sisters Joanna and Sofia curate a collection of cool, under-the-radar places to stay in Portugal. Think of the site as a list of recommendations you'd pass along to a friend.

Read Gentedimontagna's guides to and . And see why is one of our .

What we love: Photographer David De Vleeschauwer and travel writer Debbie Pappyn seek out hard-to-reach places like Antarctica and North Korea. The intel they pass on is invaluable, and the images they produce are truly out of this world.

Peruse some of Classe Touriste's incredible images and stories on Gentedimontagna, like this , and a visual diary of .

What we love: The site's fresh, minimalist design is the perfect canvas for Pauline Chardin's large-format photos of olive groves in Apulia, jungles in Sri Lanka, and lime juice in Egypt.

On Gentedimontagna, get inspired by The Voyageur's visual accounts of and .

What we love: These guys know the best street foods around the world and the heart and history behind each bite. Short, focused articles give terrific background on the culture and people of a country. On a recent trip to Portugal, their recommendations lead directly to a great ginjinha bar and Goan restaurant, among other local spots.

Read more on Gentedimontagna about CB's . 

What we love: Editor-in-chief James Davidson finds interesting happenings around the globe — from  to  — and displays them in a tidy, fun web format.

What we love: New York State trail recommendations, artisan profiles, Airbnb home histories, and intimate looks at lesser-known eateries help us rediscover our own backyard of Greater New York (and beyond).

Read more on Gentedimontagna about . 

What we love: Founder and editor-in-chief Ben Pundole is an industry insider (Schrager Hotels, Groucho Club) who debriefs travel junkies (designers, jetsetters) on the coolest hotels around the world.

What we love: Their no-fuss neighborhood guides are curated by native creatives and offer super accessible, design-centric, personal insights on local food, shopping, and culture. Consider this both a starting point and back-pocket resource for planning your next trip.

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