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The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Copenhagen

by Berit Baugher

Embrace the everyday with Hygge-inspired goods. Photo courtesy of Skandinavisk.

In a city known for its impeccable style and forward-thinking design, you won't be short on places to shop or things to buy. From hand-painted porcelain and space-saving whisks, to top-notch candy and cozy slippers, here is a selection of goods guaranteed to bring a little Scandinavian sensibility and style into your home.

The Little Book of Hygge

The definitive guide to the Danish philosophy of coziness and embrace of life's little pleasures. ($13)

Lakrids No. 2 Salty Licorice

Most people either love it or hate it, but the strong, salty candy is a universal favorite in Scandinavia. ($11)

Royal Copenhagen Dinner Plate

Launched in 1775, the porcelain maker's elegant hand-painted floral motif has become a Danish classic. ($220)

Noma My Perfect Storm

Considered one of the world's best restaurants, this documentary pays tribute to the New Nordic cuisine the restaurant pioneered, and delves into the brilliant mind of chef René Redzepi. (From $4)

Georg Jensen Tableau Frame

With a history that spans more than 100 years, the Danish version of Tiffany & Co. is known for its craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic. Stash a photo from your trip in a sculptural frame from the beloved Danish home line. ($125)

Dansk Kobenstyle Pot

The collaboration of two Americans and a Danish designer led to the creation of this cult vintage find. Popular for its mid-century modern look and long lasting durability, the line eventually expanded in a series of bright colors. ($67)

Hay Notebook

With a fresh perspective on Scandinavian design, Hay transforms practical household items — like a simple notebook — into little pieces of modern art. ($28)

Normann Copenhagen Beater Whisk

Function meets form with the sculptural, space-saving whisk in an array of fun colors from one of Copenhagen's top contemporary designers. ($20)

Glerups Slipper

Created in 1993 by a Danish mother who used wool from her flock of Gotland sheep, the handcrafted cozy slippers are perfect for padding around the house on cold Copenhagen mornings. (From $95)

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Copenhagen

For those who wish they had a local to show them around the city, the compendium of Copenhagen's best-kept secrets will lead the way to under-the-radar restaurants, hip cocktail bars, beautiful nature trails, and more spots worth visiting. ($16)

Cast Iron Danish Aebleskiver Pan

Similar to doughnut holes, the Danish dessert can easily be recreated at home with the help of the right cooking tools, a favorite jam, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. ($14)

Skandinavisk Hygge Candle

Embrace the Scandinavian tradition of creating small moments of coziness everyday by lighting a candle scented with rose petals and wild mint. ($49)

Sögreni Bike Bell

Cycling is a way of life in Copenhagen — they even have a highway specifically for bicyclists — so it makes sense that the Danish would meld their favorite mode of transport with sensible and stylish design. Made from copper, brass, or steel, the elegant-looking bell will not rust over time. (€47)

Herb Lester Copenhagen: The Good Life Map

The handy paper guide will help you uncover the best Copenhagen shops, restaurants, and art galleries while also serving as a memento of the trip. ($7)

Relae: A Book of Ideas

Known for intelligent, sustainable, and plant-centric food, chef Christian F. Puglisi's cookbook will help you recreate dishes from one of the city's quintessential restaurants. ($32)


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