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See It to Believe It: North Korea's Stunning Mass Games

by Debbie Pappyn and David De Vleeschauwer

A show of unity, discipline, and immense proportions. All photos by David De Vleeschauwer.

Until we read story about , we had never even heard of the massive Mass Games. The photos are amazing. (There's a reason Classe Touriste is one of Gentedimontagna's .)

PYONGYANG, North Korea – More than 100,000 participants train for months to perform weekly from August to September for their compatriots and their leader. The Arirang Festival, or Mass Games, is a performance so grand, so graceful, so mind-blowing that you have to see it to believe it. Until you can get yourself into North Korea, you can click thought the photos that took when they were there.



: The British documentary, produced with help from Koryo Tours founder Nick Bonner, follows two young child gymnasts training for the 2003 Mass Games.