Giving Back

10 Worthy Causes for End of Year Charitable Giving

by Team Gentedimontagna
Photo by / Unsplash.

There are so many people, animals, environmental causes, and planetary concerns to donate to, it's almost paralyzing. But we all know that even a little bit helps. The end of the year is a time to go out with a bang, but you can incorporate giving into your year-round travel routine (more on the here).

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

1.  protects and nurtures vulnerable children around the world. . Bonus: if you donate through that link.

2.  works to alleviate the devastation of climate change and the impact it has on rural, farming communities around the world.

3.  is an increasingly important organization that works to keep information transparent, accessible, and free around the world.

4.  creates economic opportunities by giving communities the tools to be self-reliant through grants and start-up business infrastructure, leveraging their heritage sites responsibly and freeing them to thrive. .

5.  empowers low-income girls around the United States (the sooner they start, the better!) by giving them new clothing, promoting positivity, and reducing cyber bullying. .

6.  has spent 35 years working to end the hunger epidemic.

7. Thousands of people in America are jailed every night, not because they’ve been convicted of any crime, but because they can’t find the bail money they need to go back home to their families and jobs. Besides offering services to detained families at the border, has figured out a permanent bail fund that recycles with repayment, using money over again to help out the most neglected people in the justice system. Bonus: It can operate nearly indefinitely once seeded.

8. NYC-based operation is becoming the nation’s leading provider of care for victims of human trafficking, domestic abuse, child abuse, and assault.

9. The is aiming to raise one million dollars today for future work in American courts and communities to defend the individual rights of humans. All gifts up to $250,000 are being matched.

10. If none of these interest you, or if you want your impact to be in one, direct line, considering donating to , which transfers cash to individuals most in need. Cash travels quickly, has no fees, and has proven to be efficient and empowering across various humanitarian settings.

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